Ways of Delaying Aging. Somatotropin, Growth Hormone HGH and its Decrease in Time

At 30, 35 years old, no one defines themselves as old, but biology thinks differently. As with all living things, humans have a daily, annual, lifetime, ongoing biological clock. It's like a program written in genetics. From birth, people begin to grow and develop in accordance with this genetic program, under the influence of growth hormones. This growth and development process is completed at approximately 16 - 18 years of age.

At the age of 13-15, puberty begins, although it differs in boys and girls. Estrogen in girls and Testosterone in boys come into play and sexual maturity is reached after a while. Men gain fertilization, women gain fertility. In their 20s, men are filled with the hormone Testosterone, and women reach the peak of their fertility. When the growth and development process is completed, there is no need for somatotropic growth hormone HGH, and decreases begin on this hormone. The reduction begins but never completely ends.

how to delay aging HGH hormone

Somatotropin is secreted until the end of life and plays a very important role in cell regeneration. For this reason, growth hormone Somatotropin, HGH, is also called Youth hormone. Unfortunately, this situation does not last long. From the age of 20, growth hormone levels begin to decrease gradually, and between the ages of 20 and 30, there is a 25% decrease in the level of growth hormone. In the following years, this decrease continues to decrease gradually.

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The Cell Biology of Aging
Cell Biology of Aging

As a result of the decrease in growth hormone, a slowdown in the regeneration of cells starts, the most visible example is the changes in the skin. As the growth hormone begins to decrease, the production of substances called Collagen and Elastin, which gives the skin its elasticity, begins to decrease and constant changes in the brightness of the skin and deepening wrinkles appear. And unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent them with collagen pills or externally applied creams.

how to delay aging HGH hormone

In an interesting study conducted in the USA, two groups of photographs were shown to people, the first group included people between the ages of 18 and 24 (no 25-year-olds), and the second group included people between the ages of 26 and 32. Subjects were asked to look at these photos and indicate whether they were under or over 25. And as a result of the research, the subjects made a choice with an accuracy rate of 98%. In other words, people can guess the age of the person in front of them just by looking at their face. It's often thought that there shouldn't be a huge difference in the looks of a 22-year-old versus a 28-year-old, but that doesn't seem to be true. This is due to changes in the skin.

how to delay aging HGH hormone

One of the most important effects seen with the decrease of growth hormone is a pause in muscle regeneration and even muscle loss, this is called Sarcopenia and 1% of muscle mass is lost every year from the age of 30. Therefore, in a person who has reached the age of 50, only 75% - 80% of the muscle mass at the age of 20 is present.

how to delay aging sarcopenia women

Muscles are the heating boilers of the metabolism, the reduction of the mass prevents the burning of calories and thus the rapid functioning of the metabolism. For this reason, overweight, which is not a problem in the 20s, starts to become a problem from the 30s. The change seen in men after the age of 30 is that the very high level of testosterone hormone begins to decrease gradually.

how to delay aging sarcopenia men

Testosterone is a hormone that has the potential to affect sexual life, but when it decreases, it also reduces the level of sexual energy and causes a slowdown in metabolism. Women are luckier than men, until menopause, women don't see a big change in their Estrogen hormones.

One of the changes that occur over time is the decrease in the number and functions of mitochondria, which are the energy storage of our cells, which results in a decrease in our infinite energy at younger ages over time. For example, athletes such as professional tennis players or football players, who have trained constantly throughout their lives, although they are superfit and watching what they eat, and being healthy in all respects, cannot continue their work. There are no active professional athletes over the age of 35, except for a few people.

how to delay aging muscle old men

Most of the models appearing on the catwalks and fashion shows are 19-20 years old, and most of these models end their professional lives when they reach the age of 25-30.

0 - 35 years old no one feels old but in reality, fitness and energy in the 20s, doesn't stay unfortunately in 30s.

Therefore, it can be easily said that aging begins from the age of thirty. There is no cure for aging, but there are remedies for aging with quality and beauty.

One of the most important ways to delay and alleviate aging is Movement. Movement is not necessarily heavy sports, but an active life is very important in terms of ensuring that the metabolism is faster than normal and is good for general health.

The second remedy, of course, is to stay away from harmful habits. Cigarettes and alcohol are substances that harm cells in all respects, and it is of great benefit to avoid them if possible, or at least to use them sparingly.

how to delay aging tat woman

In the third place is weight control, weight is not just a visual, aesthetic problem. With increasing weight, insulin resistance, diabetes and other chronic diseases that develop due to it are a very important problem that causes premature wear. Please review our page on Easy Weight Loss.

how to delay aging free radicals and antioxidants

One of the most important factors in anti-aging is nutrition. In addition to a balanced diet, attention should be paid to the intake of antioxidants that keep the body young and healthy. Just as iron rusts when left in the open air, cells age due to free oxygen radicals. The most important way to prevent this is a diet rich in antioxidants, anti-rust substances. Antioxidants are abundant in fruits, vegetables and salads, so a plant-based diet is one of the most important insurances of our health and healthy aging.

Finally, there is fasting, which is a very important factor for cells to be cleaned and kept young by causing Autophagy in cells. It is very beneficial to fast once or twice a week in different ways.

Together with your Anti-Aging activities, boost your Antioxidants, Nitric Oxide, Omega 3 and Collagen levels to Prevent Cell Deformation, Protect Metabolism Health and Prolong your Life Span (rather get a blood test at the beginning and preferably after three months of regular use get a new blood test, and see the regenerations on the results), with: WELLNESS TRIANGLE and HL 5.

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